Building Plan for High Rise Buildings

Building Plan for High Rise Buildings

For all high rise buildings which are 15 m or more in height  and  for  special  buildings  like  educational, assembly, institutional, business, mercantile, industrial,storage and hazardous and mixed occupancies with any of the aforesaid occupancies having covered area more than 500 m 2  (see also Part 4 ‘Fire and Lift Safety’ of the Code), the building sanction shall be done in two stages. In case of important projects and projects having high complexity and sensitivity, the Authority may get the design, drawings and details of such buildings peer reviewed/proof checked before approving the same.

Stage 1 : Planning clearance

The following additional information shall be furnished/indicated in the building plan in addition to the items given in as applicable:

a) Access to fire appliances/vehicles with details of vehicular turning circle and clear motorable accessway around the building;

b) Size (width) of main and alternative staircases along with balcony  approach,  corridor,ventilated lobby approach;

c) Location and details of lift enclosures;

d) Location and size of fire lift;

e) Smoke stop lobby/door, where provided;

f) Refuse chutes, refuse chamber, service duct,etc;

g) Vehicular parking spaces;

h) Refuge area, if any;

j) Details of building  services  —  Air conditioning  system  with  position  of  fire dampers,  mechanical  ventilation  system,electrical services, boilers, gas pipes, etc;

k) Details of exits including provision of ramps,etc, for hospitals and special risks;

m) Location of generator,  transformer  and switchgear room;

n) Smoke exhauster system, if any;

p) Details of fire alarm system network;

q) Location of centralized control, connecting all fire alarm systems,  built-in-fire  protection arrangements and public address system, etc;

r) Location and dimensions  of  static  water storage tank and pump room along with fire service  inlets  for  mobile  pump  and  water storage tank;

s) Location and details of fixed fire protection installations such as sprinklers, wet risers,hose-reels, drenchers, etc; and

t) Location and details of first-aid firefighting equipment/installations.

u) Features relating to accessibility for the elderly and persons with  disabilities,  shall  be  in accordance with 13 of Part 3 ‘Development Control  Rules  and  General  Building Requirements’ of the Code for the designated buildings and areas.

Stage 2 : Building permit clearance

After obtaining the sanction for planning (Stage 1) from the  Authority,  a  complete  set  of  structural  plans,sections, details, design calculations duly signed by engineer/structural engineer along with the complete set of details duly approved in and certificate of completed structural design work shall be submitted. A copy of the subsurface investigation report prepared and duly signed by the geotechnical engineer shall also be submitted. The building plans/details shall be deemed sanctioned for the commencement of construction only after obtaining the permit for Stage 2 from the Authority.

Services Plans

The services plans shall include all details of building and plumbing services, and also plans, elevations and sections of private water supply, sewage disposal system and rainwater harvesting system, if any ‘Building Services’ and Part 9 ‘Plumbing Services’ of the Code).


Specifications, both general and detailed, giving type and grade of materials to be used, duly signed by the registered architect, engineer, structural engineer or supervisor  shall  accompany  the  application.

Structural Design Sufficiency Certificate

The application shall be accompanied by structural sufficiency  certificate  in  the  prescribed  form signed by the engineer/structural engineer and the owner jointly to the effect that the building is safe against various loads, forces and effects  including  due  to  natural  disasters  such  as earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, floods, etc as per National  Building  Code  of  India  and  its  ‘Structural  Design’  and  other  relevant  Codes.The engineer/structural engineer shall also have the details to substantiate his design.

Execution and Supervision

The notice shall be further accompanied by a certificate in the prescribed form (see Annex D) by a builder/constructor undertaking the execution.The notice shall also be accompanied by a certificate in the prescribed form by the registered architect/engineer/structural engineer/supervisor/town planner undertaking the supervision.

Preparation and Signing of Plans

The  registered  architect/engineer/supervisor/town planner/landscape  architect/urban  designer/utility service engineer shall prepare and duly sign the plans as per their competence and shall indicate his/her name, address, qualification and registration number  as  allotted  by  the  Authority  or  the  body governing such profession. The structural plans and details shall also be prepared and duly signed by the competent  professionals  like  registered  engineer/structural engineer. The plans shall also be duly signed by the owner indicating his address. The type and volume of buildings/development work to be undertaken  by  the  registered  professionals  may generally.

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