Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings The combination of high quality architectural load bearing exterior walls with mass produced structural precast floor and roof members and precast concrete framing members can produce open, attractive, fire resistant, economical buildings. The Read More

Residential Buildings Construction

Residential Buildings Construction Precast and prestressed concrete enjoys broad acceptance in low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings, hotels, motels, and nursing homes where the repetitive use of standard components manufactured in a factory can be fully Read More

Site planning to reduce loss and waste

Site planning to reduce loss and waste A  good  site manager,  given  the resources,  can  ensure successful materials storage and  handling.  But  a  good  site manager  without the  resources can achieve very little. Materials management on an open spacious site is far Read More

Types of Arches

Types of Arches In the most natural type of arch, the horizontal component of each reaction, or thrust, is carried into a buttress, which also carries the vertical reaction. This type will be referred to Read More

Reinforcement in Piles

Reinforcement in Piles (i)  The provision of reinforcement will depend on nature and magnitude of loads, nature of strata and method  of  installation. It  should be  adequate for  vertical  loads,  lateral  load  and  moments acting  Read More

Emergency Response to Accidents

Emergency Response to Accidents You should have a good under standing of your working environment And the instructions given by your supervisor. When evacuation Is required in an emergency, you should keep calm and find Read More

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