Commercial Buildings

March 13, 2018 admin 0

Commercial Buildings The combination of high quality architectural load bearing exterior walls with mass produced structural precast floor and roof members and precast concrete framing […]

Residential Buildings Construction

March 13, 2018 admin 0

Residential Buildings Construction Precast and prestressed concrete enjoys broad acceptance in low-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings, hotels, motels, and nursing homes where the repetitive use […]

Site planning to reduce loss and waste

February 17, 2018 admin 0

Site planning to reduce loss and waste A  good  site manager,  given  the resources,  can  ensure successful materials storage and  handling.  But  a  good  site manager  without the  resources can achieve very […]

Types of Arches

January 26, 2018 admin 0

Types of Arches In the most natural type of arch, the horizontal component of each reaction, or thrust, is carried into a buttress, which also […]

Reinforcement in Piles

January 25, 2018 admin 0

Reinforcement in Piles (i)  The provision of reinforcement will depend on nature and magnitude of loads, nature of strata and method  of  installation. It  should […]

Emergency Response to Accidents

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Emergency Response to Accidents You should have a good under standing of your working environment And the instructions given by your supervisor. When evacuation Is […]