Grade of Concrete

Grade of Concrete The desired properties of concrete are its compressive strength, tensile strength, shear strength, bond strength, density, impermeability, durability, etc.  Among these, the property  that  can  be  easily  tested,  and  is  perhaps  the  Read More

Classification of Concrete and Durability

Classification of Concrete and Durability Concrete is a mixture of aggregate and often controlled amounts of entrained air held together by a hardened paste made from cement and water. Although there are other kinds of Read More

Principles & Methods Concrete Mix Design

Principles & Methods Concrete Mix Design Mix Design is the science of determining the relative proportions of the ingredients of concrete to achieve the desired properties in the most economical way. Principles of Mix Design Read More

Preparation of Concrete Mix

Preparation of Concrete Mix There are two types of concrete mixing (i)  Hand mixing  (ii) Machine mixing Hand Mixing: This method of mixing concrete is resorted to when the quantity if concrete to be used in Read More

Preparation of Cement Mortar

Preparation of Cement Mortar For preparing mortar, water is added to intimate mixtures of  binding  material and sand.  The water to  be used for this purpose should be  free  from  clay,  earth  and other impurities.Water which is fit Read More

Types of Concrete Mixes

Types of Concrete Mixes Nominal Mixes In the past the specifications for concrete prescribed the proportions  of  cement,  fine  and  coarse  aggregates.  These mixes of fixed cement aggregate ratio which ensures adequate strength are termed Read More

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