Elements of a Building

Elements of a Building The  functions of these elements and the main requirement of them is presented in this article. The following are the basic elements of a building: Foundation Plinth Walls and columns Sills, Read More

Building Plan for High Rise Buildings

Building Plan for High Rise Buildings For all high rise buildings which are 15 m or more in height  and  for  special  buildings  like  educational, assembly, institutional, business, mercantile, industrial,storage and hazardous and mixed occupancies Read More

Execution of Building Construction Work

Execution of Building Construction Work EARTH WORK Earthwork in excavation over areas by Dozer/Excavator including levelling and dressing, excluding the cost of major break down and transportation of surplus earth/soil within a lead of 5km Read More

Estimating the Project

Estimating the Project When  the  project  design  has  been  finalized,  a  complete  and  detailed  cost  estimate  is  prepared.The contractor  uses  this  estimate  for  bidding  and  subsequent  cost-control  purposes.  With  cost-plus  and construction management contracts, a Read More

Need for Project Management

Need for Project Management In most construction contracts, the contractor is given only one opportunity to set its price (the bid). From that point on, profits are determined by the project managers ability to save Read More