Civil Engineering Teams and Definitions

Civil Engineering Teams and Definitions

Quality assurance (QA)

A management tool for all planned and systematic actions necessary to ensure that the final product meets the requirements of the design drawings and specifications.

Quality control (QC)

A production tool for those actions related to the physical characteristics of the materials,processes, and services that provide a means to measure and control the characteristics within predetermined quantitative criteria.


The  individual  or  organization  having  financial and legal responsibility for construction of a project,as well as bearing the ultimate responsibility for the public health, welfare, and safety related to the project. For many purposes in this report, the term “owner” includes those or ganizations or individuals acting as agent for the owner.

Architect/engineer (A/E)

The architectural or engineering organization with responsibility to the owner to perform the structural design, produce design drawings, define construction requirements, implement inspection and testing programs, and prepare project specifications for the project.


The organization responsible for constructing a project according to the project specifications and design drawings.

Construction manager or owner’s representative

The person or management organization that becomes the owner-engineer team in a system that varies from the traditional  design-bid-build  system.  Their  role  is  to  coordinate and  communicate  the  entire  project  process  to  minimize project construction time and price.

Inspection  organization

The  organization/agency that may also be a testing laboratory, and is responsible for providing acceptance inspection and testing for the owner, or providing quality-control inspection and testing for the contractor or producer.


The term “inspection,” as used herein,includes  not  only  visual  observations  and  field  measurements but also laboratory testing and the assembly and evaluation of test data.

Inspection/test report

A document signed by a certified inspector or individual assigned to do the task, and used to demonstrate  and  provide  evidence  of  the  verified  attributes plus the results of the inspection/test activity performed.

Testing  laboratory

An  independent  commercial organization  that  provides  testing  services  and,  when  required, inspection personnel to owners, governmental agencies,  architects,  engineers,  contractors,  and  material  or product manufacturers.

Material manufacturer or supplier

The organization responsible for producing or manufacturing a product or material used in the process of construction, or for supplying products or materials to a project, with or without performing additional operations on the product or material.

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