Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

The combination of high quality architectural load bearing exterior walls with mass produced structural precast floor and roof members and precast concrete framing members can produce open, attractive, fire resistant, economical buildings. The quality finishes and fast schedules result in early occupancy, tenant satisfaction and reduced financing costs that makes precast and prestressed concrete buildings very suitable for office buildings.

Significant time savings usually result from the choice of a totally precast concrete structure. The superstructure is prefabricated while the on-site foundations are being built. Potential delays are reduced with the complete building system being supplied under one contract.Erection of large precast concrete components can proceed even during adverse weather conditions to quickly enclose the structure.

Load bearing architectural precast panels provide a finished exterior at the same time that the superstructure is erected. The prestressed floors provide an immediate working platform to allow the interior tradesmen an early start on the mechanical, electrical and interior finishing work.

Long span double tee or hollow core floors reduce interior framing and provide large column free areas.Architectural finishes can be used in the interior of a building for columns, atrium framing, entrance and elevator shaft walls. Interior or exterior shear wall systems and rigid frame column beam jointing have all been successfully used to resist lateral forces.