Emergency Response to Accidents

Emergency Response to Accidents

You should have a good under standing of your working environment

And the instructions given by your supervisor. When evacuation Is required in an emergency, you should keep calm and find out:

■ What dangerous situation the alarm refers to.

■ The routes for evacuation.

■ The safe place that you should go to as designated by the company.

When some one is found seriously injured, you should:

■ Keep calm.

■ Seek help immediately.

■ Accompany the injured person.

■ Assist in the immediate rescue work as far as possible.

■ Call the site safety staff.

■ Do not try to move the injured person unless it is really necessary To do so.

■ Do not tamper with the accident scene while waiting for the arrival of the investigation team.

When a fire breaks out, you should remember:

■ Put out the fire with a fire extinguisher if it is a small fire.

■ If the blaze is out of control, do not try to extinguish the fire on your own.Call the Fire Services Department right away.

Emergency telephone numbers:

■ Always pay attention to the emergency telephone numbers posted On the notice board in the site office.

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