Preparation of Cement Mortar

Preparation of Cement Mortar For preparing mortar, water is added to intimate mixtures of  binding  material and sand.  The water to  be used for this purpose should be  free  from  clay,  earth  and other impurities.Water which is fit Read More

Special Types of Bricks

Special Types of Bricks: Bricks are made in a wide range of shapes and to suit the requirements of the location where they are to be used. Special form of  bricks  may be needed due to structural Read More

Types of Concrete Mixes

Types of Concrete Mixes Nominal Mixes In the past the specifications for concrete prescribed the proportions  of  cement,  fine  and  coarse  aggregates.  These mixes of fixed cement aggregate ratio which ensures adequate strength are termed Read More

Properties of Bitumen

Properties of Bitumen Adhesion: Bitumen has the  ability  to  adhere  to  a  solid  surface  in  a  fluid  state depending on the nature of the surface. The presence of water on the surface will prevent adhesion. Read More

History of Fluid Mechanics

History of Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics In Everyday Life There is air around us, and there are rivers and seas near us. ‘The flow of a river never ceases to go past, nevertheless, it is Read More

Elements of a Building

Elements of a Building The  functions of these elements and the main requirement of them is presented in this article. The following are the basic elements of a building: Foundation Plinth Walls and columns Sills, Read More

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