Pile spacing and Types

Pile spacing and Types

The center to center distance of successive piles is known as pile spacing.It has to be carefully designed by considering the following factors,

Types of piles

Material of piles

Length of piles

Grouping of piles

Load coming on piles

Obstruction during pile driving

Nature of soil through which piles are passing.

Types of pile

Load bearing piles

Non-load bearing piles

Load bearing piles :-

It bear the load coming from the structure.

The Piles are generally driven vertically or in near vertical position.

When a horizontal forces to be resisted, the inclined piles may be driven in an inclined position and such inclined piles are termed the batter piles

Load bearing piles are divided into,

Bearing piles

Friction Piles

The spacing between piles in a group can be assumed based on the following:

1- Friction piles need higher spacing than bearing piles.

2- Minimum spacing (S) between piles is 2.5.

3- Maximum spacing (S) between piles is 8.0.

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