Preparation of Tender Documents

Preparation of Tender Documents

The tender papers are the most vital documents for execution of work through outside agencies  and  discrepancies  in  tender  documents  may  lead  to  serious  repercussions  in execution of the works. Tender documents should therefore be very carefully prepared with close scrutiny.

The following particulars shall form the part of a complete tender document:

i) Notice Inviting Tender

ii) Detailed Tender Notice.

iii) General Terms & Conditions/Commercial Terms & Conditions.

iv) Additional Terms and Conditions, if any.

v) Schedule of deviations ( to be filled in by the Contractor)

vi) Specifications

vii) Scope of Work/Schedule of Work/Bill of Quantities.

viii) Tender drawings

ix) Standard formats like Bank Guarantee and Articles of Agreement etc.

The approved draft Tender Document is to be kept in safe custody.

Publication of Notices Inviting Tenders.

The extent of publicity to be given for any tendered work depends upon the nature and magnitude of the work. There is no point in giving state wide or national level publicity for small and medium sized works costing upto Rs. 5 lakhs as only local contractors will be interested in such work. However, for works valued more than Rs. 5 lakhs not only local but other contractors may also be interested in such works. Hence, it is essential that this should be given adequate publicity through the press, the norms being as follows:

i) For very  specialised  works  “Global  Tenders”  may  be  invited  on  approval  of competent authority on case to case basis.

ii) For works of estimated value more than Rs. 50 lakhs, the tender notices are to be published at least in one leading national newspaper from nearest one metropolitan city and at least one regional  newspaper  in  the  local  language  and  one  local  newspaper  from  the town/city close to the area where the work is to be executed.

iii) For works of estimated value above Rs. 10 lakhs and upto Rs. 50 lakhs the tender notices  should  be  published  in  at  least  one  leading  regional  newspaper  and  one  local newspaper.

iv) For the works of estimated value above Rs. 5 lakhs and upto Rs. 10 lakhs it will be sufficient if the tender notices are published in one leading local newspaper published from nearest city or town.

v) For works of estimated value upto Rs. 5  lakhs it  will  be sufficient  if  the  tender notices are sent to all Area Offices within the subsidiary and all the Project/Unit offices for display in the Notice Boards.

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