Reinforcement in Piles

Reinforcement in Piles

(i)  The provision of reinforcement will depend on nature and magnitude of loads, nature of strata and method  of  installation. It  should be  adequate for  vertical  loads,  lateral  load  and  moments acting  individually  or  in  combination.  It  may  be  curtailed  at  appropriate  depths  only  under  the advice of the structural engineer. However, provision of reinforcement shall be as specified in drawing.

(ii)  The minimum area of longitudinal reinforcement (any type or grade) within the pile shaft should be 0.4 per cent of the sectional area calculated on the basis of outside area of shaft or casing if used.

(iii)  Reinforcement is to be provided in the full length irrespective of any other considerations and is further subject to condition that a minimum number of three 10 mm dia mild steel or three 8 mm dia high strength steel bars shall be provided. The transverse reinforcement as circular stirrups shall not be less than 6 mm dia. Mild steel bars at a spacing of not more than the stem diameter or 30 cm, whichever is less.

(iv)  For under reamed compaction piles, a minimum number of four 12 mm diameter mild steel or four 10 mm diameter high strength steel bars shall be provided.

(v)  For piles of lengths exceeding 5 m and or 37.5 cm diameter, a minimum number of six 12 mm diameter HSD bars shall be provided.

(vi)  For piles exceeding 40  cm diameter a minimum number of six 12 mm diameter  high strength steel bars shall be provided.

(vii)  The circular stirrups for piles of length exceeding 5 m and diameter exceeding 37.5 cm shall be bars of 8 mm diameter.

(viii)  For piles subject to uplift loads, adequate reinforcement shall be provided to take full up lift which shall not be curtailed at any stage.

(ix)  For piles up to 30 cm diameter, if concreting is done by tremie, equivalent amount of steel placed centrally, may be provided at sides.

(x)  The  minimum  clear  cover  over  longitudinal  reinforcement  shall  be  50  mm.  In  aggressive environment of sulphates etc. it may be increased to 75 mm.

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