Selection and Appointment of Contractors

Selection and Appointment of Contractors

The project manager as the client’s representative has the responsibility with the support of relevant consultants for the selection and appointment of:

  • contractors, for example, main, management, design and build
  • contractors, for example, specialist, works, trade.

The various processes associated with this activity are summarised as follows:

  • Selection panel appointments relevant to the nature and scope of tender to be awarded.Nomination of a coordinator (contact) for all matters concerned with the tender.
  • Establishment of selection/appointment procedures for each stage.


Pre-tender activities will include the following:

  • Assessment of essential criteria/expertise required for a specific tender.
  • Preparation of long (provisional) list embracing known and prospective tenderers.
  • Checks against database available to project manager, especially financial viability and quality of past and current work; possible use of telephone questionnaire to obtain additional data.
  • Potential tenderers invited to complete/submit selection questionnaire; short list finalised accordingly.
  • Arrangements for pre-qualification interview including prior issue of the following documentation relevant to the project to the prospective tenderer with interview agenda outline of special requirements and expected attendees to cover:

■ general scope of contract works and summary of conditions

■ preliminary drawings and specifications

■ summary of project master and construction schedules

■ pricing schedule

■ safety, health and environmental protection statement

■ labour relations statement

■ quality management outline

  • Tender and reserve lists finalised.

Tendering process

The tendering process includes the following activities:

  • Selected tenderers confirm willingness to submit bona fide tenders. Reserve list is employed in the event of any withdrawals and selection made in accordance with placement order.
  • Tender documents issued and consideration given by both parties to whether mid tender interview is required or would be beneficial.
  • Interview arranged and agenda issued.Carry out the following on the receipt of all tenders:
  • evaluation of received tenders
  • arrangements for post-tender interview and prior issue of agenda
  • final evaluation and report
  • pre-order check and approval to place order

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