Special Types of Bricks

Special Types of Bricks: Bricks are made in a wide range of shapes and to suit the requirements of the location where they are to be used.

Special form of  bricks  may be needed due to structural consideration or for ornamental decoration as defined  by  the architect.Specially molded bricks  avoid the cumbersome process of cutting  and  rounding the rectangular bricks  to  the desired shape.Some  of  the special types of  bricks  commonly used are given below.

  1. Squint Bricks: These bricks are made in a variety of shapes and are used to the construction of a cute and obtuse squint quoins as
  2. Bull Nosed  Bricks:  These  bricks are used to  form  rounded quoins.
  3. Perforated Bricks: These bricks may  be  standard size bricks produced with perforations running through their  thickness.Perforated bricks are easy to burn and their light weight makes it possible  to cut down the  weight  of the structure and  effect  in foundations. The aperture of the perforations is such that it gives maximum amount of ventilation. But does not permit the entry of rats or mice. These bricks are used for constructing load bearing walls of low buildings, panel walls for multistoried buildings and for providing partition walls.
  4. Hallow Bricks: These bricks are made of clay and are provided with one or more cavities. Hallow bricks are light in weight and are used to increase insulation against heat and dampness.They are used for the construction of load-bearing walls, partition walls or panel walls to multistoried buildings.
  5. Circular Bricks:  These  bricks have internal and external faces curved to meet the requirement of the particular curve and radius of the wall. These bricks are used for wells, towers etc
  6. Plinth cornice and String  Course  Brick: These bricks are molded in  several  patterns with the object of adding architectural beauty to the structure and  at the same time  to helping to throw the rack water off the face of the walls.
  7. Coping Bricks:  These  bricks  are  manufactured  in  a  variety  of shapes  to  set  the  thickness  of  the  wall  and  are  throated  on  the underside to throw off rain water
  8. Paving Bricks: These bricks are specially made for paving the surface of streets and highways. These bricks are usually made from shale, fire clay on a mixture of the two. They are unaffected by weather and ordinary traffic wear. They are loaded on the bed of sand which in term rests on foundation of stone or concrete.The bricks are laid by grouting with cement mortar or  asphalt.They are machine moulded and are burnt in a continuous kiln to ensure high degree of vitrification.