Webcam Usage in Construction Works

Webcam Usage in Construction Works

Communicating with Webcams: Consider these 3 time-saving factors when selecting a jobsite collaboration camera

The building industry is increasingly competitive, causing professionals to search for innovative ways to save time and money. Installing a construction camera can provide a simple and  affordable way  to collaborate with  team members and manage projects. An experienced webcam company can provide all the technology you need to continuously check in on development at each of your jobsites by documenting progress and creating a broadcast-worthy time-lapse movie.

There is no substitute for being able to see your construction project live, especially when every member of the team can view the same image simultaneously. Rather than traveling to and from a jobsite, you can make decisions quickly when you log on to your webcam’s interface directly from your computer or mobile device, ultimately saving time for that project. Cameras can also enhance lean construction practices by improving reliability,  profit  margins  and  the  overall quality of work.

There are many factors to consider when choosing how to deploy a camera solution.Rather  than  calling  a  security camera provider or your IT department, consider an experienced webcam partner that  offers  robust  technology  and  software specifically designed to capture and document construction.

In addition to keeping tabs on realtime  progress,use  historical  content  to track every phase of construction. Search for a webcam that allows you to upload photos of the jobsite, add notes and markings and promote positive public outreach via social media. Another benefit of an advanced hosting service is that it can easily integrate job site photography and other project management software for a unique collaboration tool.

To be sure to get the camera that is best suited for your particular jobsite and project, consider the following three factors when selecting a jobsite collaboration webcam.

  1. Camera Quality

Not all webcams are created equal, and more megapixels do not always create better results. A digital SLR camera can utilize up to 12-times larger sensors than the small image  sensor  found  on  point-and-shoot  cameras  or  CCTV security cameras. A larger sensor gathers more light and de-livers higher resolution, resulting in a superior quality image.

Having a clearer picture of equipment, personnel and situations on your jobsite is essential. How many  times  have  you  heard  someone say, “Let’s review the footage,” after an incident, accident or claims dispute, only to find that the resolution was not clear enough to see the jobsite?

Also, seek a reliable system that can operate long term and in all weather conditions, whether you typically encounter below-freezing  or  above-average  temperatures.

For the best view of a jobsite, cameras are often mounted on top of a pole or  another  hard-to-reach  location,  so choose  a  system  that  comes  equipped with a remote controllable lens wiper to ensure the camera stays clean.

  1. Professional Installation

Your  webcam  provider  should  understand that producing  quality  images of your project requires careful location planning  and  a  total  creative  vision.  To ensure  continuity,  the  same  company you  purchase  the  system  from  should also  install  the camera,  maintain  the physical system and have the appropriate certifications and insurance.

The  most  advanced  construction cameras can be placed anywhere using solar power and 3G, 4G or satellite wireless providers. The right partner will help set up these options and secure optimal locations.

  1. Marketing Tools

With  today’s  competitive  market,promoting your company and its capabilities has taken on a new level of importance. An added benefit of documenting your project with a construction camera is  being  able  to  share  milestones  with key audiences such as owners, investors, benefactors and the public.

Community members will appreciate the ability to go online and check in on  their favorite team’s future stadium, the demolition of a local building or the highway they take to and from work every day.

The right webcam company offers marketing tools to compliment your project website,such  as  high-definition images  to  post  on  Facebook,Twitter  and Instagram,time-lapse movies for use in presentations and video for local and national media outlets.By embedding  the  live  view  in  a public  page,you  can inform  interested individuals  about  the development  of  a project while driving traffic to your website and increasing your company’s ranking in search engines.

As  the  building  industry  continues to develop,  executives  will  rely on  innovative technology  that  can  help  with project management. Choosing to install a professional webcam is a simple way to monitor your project while saving time and money for the entire team. With so many moving parts on a jobsite, cameras are an essential part of great communication and collaboration.

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